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Wildway Crew Stories: Jennifer Nicely (Perseverance)

March 04, 2018

Wildway Crew Stories: Jennifer Nicely (Perseverance)

Our Wildway Crew highlights ordinary people doing extraordinary things.


Within each of us lies the potential to live life to the fullest. We have the ability to choose our own destiny, live without fear or limits, challenge ourselves and grow, do and be whatever makes us happy. We have the ability to be free. It's how you live a Wildway of life and there are people all around us inspiring others with their actions. We want to celebrate that by highlighting and honoring those who  #LiveWild.


Meet this week's featured Wildway Crew member:



Jennifer Nicely

Brandon, Florida

Wildway of Life = To continue pursuing my passions as a rock climber and ninja warrior. I want to keep exceeding my own physical limits and pushing boundaries; hopefully inspiring others to do the same

Meet Jennifer. She was in a rock climbing accident that almost took her left arm.  While most people would shy away after an experience like that, Jennifer was determined to come back even stronger.  And she did.  Not only is she still a badass rock climber, but she also took up the sport of Ninja Warrior-ing, continuing to shatter every obstacle that life throws at her.


Here is Jennifer's Story in her own words:

"A little over four years ago, I was in a freak rock climbing accident and suffered massive damage to my left arm. The damage was so severe that I almost lost my left arm. I had to have over seven hours of emergency surgery for vascular and orthopedic surgeons to save my arm. They essentially had to reattach my arm from the inside. (The only things still in tact in my arm after my fall were my skin and my nerve.) I am incredibly lucky to have my arm.

After my accident - and even to this day - we're still not exactly sure what I can do and what my limitations are. Initially, we didn't know if I'd ever do a pull-up again. But I remember literally lying in the ICU and thinking to myself, 'I'm going to climb again. I don't care if I have to do it with one arm, I'm going to climb again.' 

Thankfully, and in great credit to the amazing support I've continuously had around me, I was climbing again - with significant limitations - about four and a half months after my accident. Less than a year later, I was competing again in recreational gym competitions. Today, I'm even stronger than I was before the accident.

My life has taken me on some of the most amazing turns and one of which, I owe in great credit to my accident. About two years after my injury I moved from Raleigh, NC back to Florida (where I now live in the Tampa area), and wanted to keep up with my upper body and climbing strength as much as possible. Since there are no mountains and limited climbing gyms in my area, I started training at an American Ninja Warrior gym to help with my training and long-term recovery. Well, I got hooked on that too. 

After only a couple of months of training, I was lucky enough - and honored - to be chosen as a competitor for American Ninja Warrior Season 7. I competed at the city regionals in Orlando in May 2015. Although I didn't compete as well as I hoped on the show; (I went out on the second obstacle - the log roll), I realized through my experience that I have so much left in me as an athlete and a champion.

The support in my community was tremendous - I did TV and radio interviews, was in the newspaper, and featured on Daytime TV. It was incredible, and extremely humbling, to see how much my story affected those around me. I'm not done pushing my limits or showing what I can do.


I've been training even harder since then to achieve my goals, and even though my left arm presents obstacles mentally and physically that I continuously have to overcome, I know I can and I will. Even if it's one training session at a time. Your products have been huge for me as I've upped my training and really set my sight on some big goals. I don't just want to break barriers; I want to explode through them. I want to show myself, my family, my surgeons, and my supporters just how strong I am because of all of them. I want to inspire others to see their dreams and go for them - no matter what they think is possible. I feel like everyday I have this amazing opportunity to live the impossible in a way. I get to do these things with my arm, from the most mundane (like tying my shoes) to the things I never thought possible (like one finger pull-ups with both hands). And these things remind me how far I've come, and how far I can continue to push. If my story continues to inspire those around me, I can think of no greater gift or compliment."

Live Wild. And Persevere. 


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