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Wildway Crew Stories: Jessica Claros (Endurance)

July 10, 2017

Wildway Crew Stories: Jessica Claros (Endurance)

Our Wildway Crew highlights ordinary people doing extraordinary things.


Within each of us lies the potential to live life to the fullest. We have the ability to choose our own destiny, live without fear or limits, challenge ourselves and grow, do and be whatever makes us happy. We have the ability to be free. It's how you live a Wildway of life and there are people all around us inspiring others with their actions. We want to celebrate that by highlighting and honoring those who  #LiveWild.  (More on that here)


Meet this week's featured Wildway Crew member:

Jessica Claros

Houston, Texas
Jessica's Wildway of Life = Passionately pursing my perfecter and not perfection through feats of mental, emotional, and physical endurance that draw me nearer to Him
Jessica's Outlook = Turning cant's into cans, and dreams into plans 

Meet Jessica.  Jessica is one tough cookie.  She thrives on mental toughness and pushing herself to new heights.  She's an Ironman who didn't just do the race once to say she's done it, but continually seeks out endurance challenges to better herself and her relationship with others. 

Here is Jessica's story in her own words:

"In July 2011 my mom surprised my sister and I buy purchasing our race entries into the 2012 January Houston Half Marathon. I hadn’t run more than three miles and I seriously doubted I would finish. Actually, I doubted I would even start. But despite the lack of training, I decided to participate.

January 15, 2012 is the day I fell in love with “race day”. All that is good about human beings is on full display on race day. Our grit and determination is showcased as well as our love and gratitude for having the physical, emotional, and mental strength to see something to completion. The energy on race day is powerful and the love you feel from loved ones and complete strangers is extraordinary.

After the half marathon, I committed to do a race a month until the Houston full marathon in 2013. After completing the full, I quite honestly was bored with just running, but wanted to keep racing. It was around that time that my sister did her first sprint triathlon at the CapTex Tri in Austin. I thought everyone out there was crazy. But it was evident that the “race day high” was amplified to a whole new level so I was hooked. My sister and I did my first triathlon together in August 2013. I trained 14 days for that triathlon. I backstroked the swim because I hadn’t learned how to breathe for freestyle. I don’t remember much about that race other than the fact that I survived the swim and finished the race! "

"But as one of my tattoos represents, I am a “green light” soul. I am not cautious when it comes to taking on challenges. Once I have an inkling that something is possible for me, I seek out the biggest challenge I can find to prove it. I dove right into researching the world of Ironman and a week after my first triathlon I signed up for my first Half Ironman 70.3.

Something you should know about the me back then is that while I was always up for a challenge, I hardly prepared for them. That was the case with Ironman Texas 70.3 in Galveston in April 2014. That was a tough race because I just hadn’t prepared my heart and mind for the challenges I would face that day (I had an extremely hard bike leg – I rode my small gear the whole time with my brakes rubbing and had no idea. I just hadn’t learned enough about my bike to know something was wrong.). I finished that race feeling extremely defeated yet determined to “do it right” the next time." 

"I immediately joined my triathlon team (Team TriMAC) and never again was unprepared or untrained for a race. In November of that same year I did my second half Ironman and blew my first time out of the water by an hour and half and got 6th in my age group! Clearly, training was necessary to excel and have fun in this sport! I strategically chose to do that Half Ironman in November because of the location. That race has most of the same bike route as the full Ironman Texas so I told myself that if I felt strong on the bike during that race then I would sign up for Ironman Texas in 2015. I felt incredible after that race, so, again, I “green lighted” and signed up. I completed my first full Ironman May 16, 2015 and the journey to that day is a whole other story!" 


Jessica is clearly a fighter who doesn't back down from a challenge.  In fact, she seeks them out.  Her mental agility is inspiring, but even more than that is Jessica's heart and zest for life.  She shares our belief that you can do anything you put your mind to if you work hard enough.  It's up to you.

"I am amazed by all the different types of people that train for and complete Ironmans. The first time I did a triathlon, I admit I judged other athlete's performance by the way they looked and was astounded when I find out that they performed better than I thought they would.  The feat of Ironman doesn't discriminate whatsoever. It's hard for everyone and it's worthwhile for everyone. And although everybody's journey to the starting line looks different, once we get there it is a level playing field. We share the same water, road, and path with the pros yet at the end of the day we can all say we are Ironmen. Anytime anybody is taken aback by the fact that I did an Ironman, before they can finish complimenting me and doubting themselves, I interject and say, 'You could do it! Anyone can! You just have to want to!'  I see this heart reflected in the story behind Wildway. Anyone and everyone is invited to live a life of adventure and challenge - you just have to want to."

Live Wild. Endure Wild.




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