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Wildway Crew Stories: The LaTorre Family (Movement)

February 18, 2019

Wildway Crew Stories: The LaTorre Family (Movement)

Our Wildway Crew highlights ordinary people doing extraordinary things.


Within each of us lies the potential to live life to the fullest. We have the ability to choose our own destiny, live without fear or limits, challenge ourselves and grow, do and be whatever makes us happy. We have the ability to be free. It's how you live a Wildway of life and there are people all around us inspiring others with their actions. We want to celebrate that by highlighting and honoring those who #LiveWild. 


Meet this week's featured Wildway Crew member:

The LaTorre Family
Bay Area, California
Wildway of Life = Movement
Outlook = Become more alive.
Wildway of Choice = Vanilla Bean Espresso Granola

Meet the LaTorre family. Husband, wife, and new baby- this family doesn't slow down. Forever on the move, the LaTorre family is always adventuring, learning, and inspiring. Read their story and be amazed!


Here is their story in Nora LaTorre's own words:

"Diego and I, along with our new baby – Izhi, love to move. We find that movement keeps us inspired, learning, and connected to both nature and our community. We strive to live a full love of vibrant adventure because we think life is all about the story you live. We fill ourselves up in the wild, so we can pour out goodness. We both have worked to progress the sustainability movement for over 10 years. 

Initially, we worried that having a kid would make us less adventurous but instead it’s inspiring us to get out in the wild more, so we can share our passion for living an active outdoor lifestyle with her and teaching her everything we know. Plus, we’re doing parental leave with her in our van!!

We both have had a deep desire to travel that started when we were young. Thankfully we come from families of travelers who shared their passions with us. When we met, our Wildway of Life really took off because we got into backcountry hiking, endurance ultra- mountain marathons, climbing, yoga and skiing at whole new levels together. It’s special to share activities with your partner and to push each other to always improving and learning.

So, we started planning adventures around the Bay Area and quickly started to plan epic adventures climbing Yosemite, surfing in Costa Rica, treks in Peru, trail running in New Zealand, hiking in Patagonia, diving in. Bali, kayaking in India, skiing in Canada and beyond. We lived the Wildway of Life around the world together. We’ve lived a beautiful story together so far.

Since then we have become so passionate about living life to the fullest every day. We had a baby and saved up for a sprinter van, so we could continue our adventures and take baby on the road! We’re spending parental leave together in the van checking out the various ikon pass locations.

The mountains are always calling us. Our home base is the Bay Area where the ocean, mountains, vineyards, trails, epic sunsets and cool city experiences are very accessible. Amazing National/State/Regional parks are all in our backyard, so we feel pulled to them!! We want to experience these places together, share them with friends and do our part to preserve them.

Our Wildway of Life has brought us together and made us both more alive. We’re building our new little family around the Wildway – for us it’s the only way. We’re excited to build the Wildway community.

Our motto: To become more alive. Whenever we do anything… that’s our aim."

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