July 20, 2020 3 min read

Barefoot walks on the beach.

There’s a reason that’s a cliché line on an online dating profile. There’s a reason everyone loves those leisure strolls along the ocean shore. There’s something about feeling the sand beneath your toes.

That thing is called earthing and it’s something of which we should all be doing more.

“Earthing,” also called “grounding” has been shown to improve:

  • Sleep quality
  • Energy
  • Cortisol levels
  • Muscle recovery
  • Blood flow/circulation
  • Mood
  • Mental clarity

(It’s also been said to be a cure for jet lag!)

So, what is it?

Earthing is the practice of reconnecting with the surface of the earth. It’s a way to return your body to neutral that can only be done by making direct contact with the ground below you! It’s a fairly new biohack without much evidence or study to back it up, but it has been tried by many people and found to have positive effects.

Okay, how does it work?

It’s simple. When we make that direct contact with the ground, our bodies absorb Earth’s naturally charged ions. This exchange balances out the other negative charges within us and restores that neutral state. Good energy in, bad energy out- that’s the idea.

Since we wear shoes most of the time, we don’t have that constant connection to the ground. This insulation from the Earth’s surface leads to a build-up of positive ions and creates a detrimental state of inflammation, decreased energy, etc.

Starting to see why this simple biohack is becoming so popular? I know I did. After reading up on earthing, I decided to give it a shot.  I went barefoot for 30 minutes a day for 7 days. Here’s my take.

When I tried earthing for a week, I did experience some very positive reactions- both physically and mentally.

The first couple of days, I must confess I didn’t feel much of an effect aside from the little pleasure of going outside and walking around the dog park of my apartment (dodging piles of you-know-what) for 30 minutes. It was a nice break from my 8-hour indoor workday.

By days 3 and 4, I did start to notice a couple of improvements. First, I did experience a slight decrease in stress and small but apparent increase in focus. I also felt a positive impact on my overall mood and disposition. Now, it’s hard to tell whether those effects were a direct result of earthing or just from taking those 30-minute breaks outside. Regardless, it was working, and I was all for it.

I continued and kept the grounding streak alive for Days 5 and 6. On those days, I began to see more positive changes. I was sleeping better at night and I was also less sore than usual from my workouts. Hey, I’m liking this earthing thing!

As day 7 arrived and I took my last barefoot stroll, I must admit I felt great! Again, it’s tough to say whether this good feeling was coming from the reduced inflammation and improved cortisol levels that earthing stimulates or just a healthy dose of fresh air every day. But if you ask me- grounding works and everyone should try it.

There are countless ways to try earthing for yourself. Strolling on the beach, 30-minute barefoot breaks at your nearest park, taking your shoes off during your next workout, etc. Find a method that fits your lifestyle and give it a shot!


Live Wild. Try Earthing.

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