April 16, 2020 3 min read

1. Get a good night’s rest.

Studies show 7-9 hours is the sweet spot for sleep. Remember that each new day brings new opportunities.

2. Fuel your body right.

Put good in, feel good throughout. Fueling your body with real and nutritious foods is a great way to not only boost your mentality, but the overall wellbeing of your body.

3. Declutter your mind - get your thoughts out on paper.

Instead of dwelling in your thoughts, put pen to paper and clear the mind. Reading your thoughts can help you to gain perspective and make room for rational thoughts.

4. Get outdoors.

The peace of mind and spirit that nature brings is unparalleled, and the best part, it’s right outside your door. Take a walk through your neighborhood, through the park, or simply roll the windows down in your car.

5. Clear out your space. 

Our environment has a greater impact on us than we might realize. Feeling closed in by our belongings can indirectly lead us to feel overwhelmed. Deep cleaning can occur at any time, not just spring. Letting go of belongings can help us let go of other burdens. 

6. Forest bathing and body scanning.

Another way to get outdoors, to forest bathe means to indulge your senses in your surroundings. Forget your worries by focusing on the sights, smells, and sounds of the environment. Body scanning is a form of meditation that shifts your focus from your thoughts to the feeling of your very own living body.

7. Challenge your thoughts.

Another way of saying “think rationally”. So much of our stress comes from worrying about things out of our control or yet to come. Focus on the present and put your thoughts into perspective.

8. Make time for others. 

Focusing on the needs and circumstances of others helps us put our own stresses into perspective. Through others we realize we’re never alone and though pain is relative, things could be worse.

9. Separate yourself from the screen.

Nothing builds stress quite like that of comparison. We often forget that social media is a highlight reel and compare ourselves to the unrealistic pictures and words of others. Unglue your eyes from the screen and live and think for yourself.

10. Spread the weight - confide in others.

Stress never has to weigh on your shoulders alone. Sharing our personal struggles with others can open the opportunity for a fresh perspective and it’s a nice reminder that we all are going through our own issues. Let’s be there for one another, shall we.

11. Make time to do the things that make you happy.

Your own well-being should be a top priority above work and school and other minor obligations. Put the school books aside to do some pleasure reading, go for a walk on your lunch break, or spend extra time on the phone with that special someone who gives the best words of wisdom.

12. Daily movement.

Release your stress through your sweat! Lose yourself in good movement whether that be yoga, running, an intense class, or a slow stroll through the park, any movement that brings you peace of mind counts.

13. Escape into a good book.

Books are one of the best ways to escape your own world for a bit and dive into another. Give your mind a break from worry and lose yourself into the stories and words of another.

14. Get some sun.

In a non damaging way, soak in the rays. Protect your skin by lathering on some SPF, and lay beneath bright rays. 

15. Take a breath.

The easiest, simplest, and most primitive way to relieve stress - intentional breathing.Yoga teaches us to focus on our breath, and when our minds begin to wander, alwayscome back to the breath. This is a great way to remove yourself from your thoughts tosomething far more constant and grounding.

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