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Crew Spotlight: Dad's that Live Wild

June 14, 2019

Crew Spotlight: Dad's that Live Wild

Father's Day is here and it's time to celebrate all the awesome dads out there. Wildway is proud to have some rad dads as members of our Wildway Crew and we want to take this opportunity to recognize them. Take a look at these fathers that are living wild and leading their families to do the same.

Duane Benson:

Duane Benson goes to his family and says, "Hey, I have an idea...What if we traveled the world for a year?"

This dad asked his wife and 4 kids what they're wildest dreams of adventure were and promised to make them happen- hike Machu Picchu, learn to play rugby in New Zealand, zipline in Costa Rica, have a spitting contest with a llama, stay on a floating village, work on a coffee plantation, learn martial arts with a monk, and so much more. Duane and his family set out in pursuit of checking off this bucket list and they are still at it! He is on a mission to make sure they see and experience all the world has to offer. Now, that's a cool dad.

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Blake Kidder:

Blake is dedicated to a healthy, active lifestyle and he leads his family in that same lifestyle.

Inspired and encouraged by his wife, Kelly, and daughter, Payton, Blake is a the "fun dad." He and his family are always outdoors, in the gym, hunting, playing sports, and doing all they can to be the best versions of themselves. The pictures speak for themselves on Blake's role as a loving and supportive father. He's living wild and helping his girls do the same!

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Derrick Quirin: 

Derrick is a special kind of father. Why? Because he is the first to ever successfully thru-hike the Appalachian Trail with a baby!

After realizing his daughter Ellie was "happiest outside in the pack, looking around at the trees and rivers on the trail," he resolved to carry her on his back for 2,190 miles and take his family on a trek that no one else had ever tried. Thanks to Derrick, Ellie will grow up immersed in nature with her mom and dad rather than a television or tablet. Here's to a father that is setting an incredible example and inspiring a lifestyle to which his family will aspire their whole life.

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Diego LaTorre:


Diego is a new dad to his Izhi, but that hasn't slowed him down from pursuing his Wildway of Life. He and his wife Nora have been avid adventurers for over 10 years- traveling, backcountry hiking, mountain marathons, climbing, scuba diving, skiing, and exploring. Now, they take Izhi along with them!

Whether it's in their van on a road trip or on the ski slopes, Diego is already instilling a taste for adventure and living wild in his one-year-old. That's something she'll thank him for on Father's Day years from now.

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Wildway is honored to have these inspiring, cool dads in our Wildway Crew and we can't wait to see the wild adventures they have next. Happy Father's Day and Live Wild.

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