April 16, 2020 2 min read

During times of uncertainty and unfamiliarity, take this period in our lives for example, the opportunities to run towards discomfort are plentiful. There is comfort in routine, but what happens when everything we know is stripped away from us and we find ourselves at square one? The discomfort we are experiencing now is not permanent, but wouldn’t it be helpful to take steps towards finding comfort in uncertain times such as this? As we’ve learned from our own experience, the answer is an astounding yes. 

Millions of people forced to work from home, hundreds of thousands forced to claim unemployment, grocery stores rationing food and other necessities, not a soul to be found amidst once bustling streets - nothing about these times we’re living is comfortable. This is why right now is an ideal time to dive head first into that discomfort, because by doing so, our standards for that which we find uncomfortable will soar. This pandemic will not be the only big obstacle we face in our lifetime, but by grounding ourselves in times of change and finding peace in uncertainty, our future selves can rest assured knowing full well that we’ve overcome far worse. In running towards discomfort and allowing ourselves to acclimate to the unfamiliarity of new circumstances, we adapt. This adaptation may take a week, a month, maybe even years. But know this, you have prevailed in the past, and you will prevail even now.  

There is little growth to be sparked in our daily routines unless we diverge from that which we know to be comfortable, and chase after that which is not. From discomfort natural challenges flow, challenges most would never willingly fling themselves into. Even still, we prevail, and in those instances when we don’t, growth and realization can still be found. This is your wake up call to accept the challenges of discomfort. Whatever you may be going through right now whether it be financial, social, emotional, environmental, physical - welcome the discomfort and take the steps to adapt and overcome. 

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