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Wildway Crew Stories: Roslynn Velasquez (Connection)

January 03, 2017

Wildway Crew Stories: Roslynn Velasquez (Connection)

Our Wildway Crew highlights ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
Within each of us lies the potential to live life to the fullest. We have the ability to choose our own destiny, live without fear or limits, challenge ourselves and grow, do and be whatever makes us happy. We have the ability to be free. It's how you live a Wildway of life and there are people all around us inspiring others with their actions. We want to celebrate that by highlighting and honoring those who  #LiveWild. 
Meet this week's featured Wildway Crew member:

Roslynn Velasquez

Houston, Texas

Roslynn's Wildway of Life = Connection. Connection to people. Connection to adventure. Connection to life.
Roslynn's Outlook = "Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die. Follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong." -Sandlot
Meet Roslynn.  Roslynn is one of those women that has an infectious spirit and outlook on life.  She's a glass-half-full kinda girl that loves her job and takes advantage of the world around her.  Roslynn reminds us that life is short and to live in the moment.
Here is Roslynn's story in her own words:
"If I summed up my Wildway of Life into one word, it would be connection. Connection to people. Connection to adventure. Connection to life. I wake up every morning with a desire to connect with the world around me—the people who are doing great things and making their communities better. Through my job, I am lucky enough to work with some amazing causes (and even more amazing people) that are working their asses off, pardon the cliche, to make the world a better place. On top of that, I want to connect with new places, new people, and new experiences so that I can learn as much as possible in the short time we are here on this earth.
I think I have always been pursuing a life like this, but it wasn't until recently I really started actively seeking the adventure aspects even further. In 2015, my husband and I decided to focus our time on travel. We used to say that we didn't have the time (or the money) to, but really that just was code for "it wasn't a priority". So, we made space for it. In the last year, I visited two *big* new places and then re-visted a country I had already seen but not experienced. I hiked Big Bend, explored Denali and traveled through a larger portion of Costa Rica. We now also make time to explore new places whenever we get a chance, like swinging by a state park we haven't been to on our way home from another trip."
Since Roslynn's Wildway of Life isn't a specific activity, but more of a way of viewing the world, I asked her how her job fit into the picture.  She works for the coolest branding agency that clearly shares the same ideals as her.
"The Black Sheep Agency is a cause driven agency that works solely with nonprofits, civic organizations and for-profits who prioritize social responsibility as a central part of their brand story. That means I get to work with companies that are doing phenomenal work, companies that are giving back in new ways and changing this world for the better. As an agency, we also have unlimited vacation days—which means more time for travel."
Roslynn's positive state of mind bleeds into every aspect of her life - at home, at work, and in the adventures she pursues.  And she does all this by seeking connection in the world around her.  So powerful.

Live Wild. Connect Wild.

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