January 01, 2021 3 min read

The journey to becoming a more sustainable company that is mindful of its impact on the environment is ever-evolving. We like to believe we're experts when it comes to making delicious, grain-free granola...but we have a lot of learning to do when it comes to running a business that is determined to minimize its impact and improve the environment.
One thing we've learned is that the act of becoming more sustainable doesn't happen overnight. Depending on the action, some require a long amount of time and effort when compared to others.
Regardless, we believe in taking action and will do whatever it takes to ensure Wildway does exactly what it was created to do, get people back to the wild. But, in order to get people back to the wild with the foods they put into their bodies and the outdoor playground they wander, we have to first ensure we're preserving nature in the process. 


4 Actions We're Taking to Become More Sustainable

1. Becoming Plastic Neutral

As of April 1st, 2021, Wildway can confidently say it is Plastic Neutral! We teamed up with rePurpose Global, an organization that connects businesses to missions all over the world working to clean up plastic waste from the environment. We chose to directly partner with a mission in Goa, India that works to recover and properly recycle low plastic waste that would otherwise harm the environment. 

In just the short two months we've been working with rePurpose Global, we have helped save over 98,000 water bottles from oceans and landfills. We can't wait to report back on the progress we will have made in 6 months, and even more so, a whole year!

2. Donating 1% for the Planet

The meaning behind this initiative is pretty simple: Wildway would commit to donating 1% of the profits made from our Grain-Free Granola line to accredited nonprofits working to save the environment. Because we can't dedicate all of our time to slinging granola, saving the environment, and enjoying time spent outdoors, we want to help support those who are diligently working to improve and preserve our outdoor playground.

Once we achieve this initiative, in total, our donation contributions to organizations saving the environment would come out to 11%. Since 2020, we have been donating 10% of profits made from our wildly popular seasonal grain-free granolas to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation. Contributing 1% is a bigger deal than it may seem, but being from Texas, we know we can go bigger. 

3. Becoming B-Corp Certified

Attaining a B Corp Certification is likely one of the biggest sustainability feats a company can overcome. A B Corp is the only certification that assesses a business' social and environmental impact comprehensively. The ways a business model impacts its customers and employees, community, and environment are all crucial components to becoming B Corp Certified. 

It's more than just a certification, it's a greater commitment to the planet. We're more than just in the business of creating good granola, we're in the business of creating a better outdoors and leaving our world better than we found it.

4. Joining One Tree Planted

Few things are as fulfilling as being able to see how your contributions to sustainable organizations are directly impacting the environment for the better. Seeing how many trees our customers have helped us save by offsetting carbon emissions, and how many plastic bottles we've collected in India through rePurpose Global are great motivators to do more for the environment.

 Joining One Tree Planted would allow us to go even further by directly giving back to the environment by means of planting new trees into the earth. 


We're committed to saving the environment for the long run, which is why we're chasing efforts that require a deep dive into the way we do business. Greenwashing is not our way of doing business; with that being said, we want to be open and transparent about how we are working to be allies for the environment.

Got any ideas for things we can do better for the benefit of the outdoors? Drop us a line! We'd love to hear your words of encouragement and constructive recommendations. 

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