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"As human beings, we naturally seek and gravitate to comfort and consistency. The thing about change is that it offers neither comfort nor consistency."

"Ask yourself, how can I better come to terms with this reality I am in? What steps can I take, changes can I make, to accept this reality and find peace?"

"It's truly a wonderful feeling to simply show up. No expectations. No hopes. You show up and ride whatever wave comes your way."

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what is earthing and what are the benefits

Earthing and Its Benefits Explained

July 20, 2020

There's a reason we love those cliché barefoot walks on the beach. There’s a reason everyone enjoys those leisure strolls along the ocean shore. There’s something about feeling the sand beneath your toes. That thing is called earthing and it’s something of which we should all be doing more. Read our article about earthing and its biohacking benefits!
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forest bathing and its benefits

What is Forest Bathing and Its Benefits?

July 19, 2020

Did you know that the forest is more than just a pretty view, but can actually aid in stress relief, lower blood pressure, and boosting immune health? Read more to find out how forest bathing works and how to get started for yourself.
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how to establish routine and become comfortable with traveling and living abroad

How to Travel and Live Abroad

July 08, 2020

The story of a big city 18-year-old girl leaving behind her way of life to experience the lives of others in foreign places. Experience life abroad with her as she walks the canals of Venice and ruins of Rome, to discover a new sense of normalcy.
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