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"What does it mean to get back to the wild? Simple, to get back to the wild is to get back to nature. A place free from distractions, comparisons, rules, and societal norms that rule over your every decision. "

"As human beings, we naturally seek and gravitate to comfort and consistency. The thing about change is that it offers neither comfort nor consistency."

"Ask yourself, how can I better come to terms with this reality I am in? What steps can I take, changes can I make, to accept this reality and find peace?"

"It's truly a wonderful feeling to simply show up. No expectations. No hopes. You show up and ride whatever wave comes your way."

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the best tips for the new year

10 Ways To Start Fresh In the New Year

December 15, 2020

This past year was a hard and frustrating and yet, even still, an insightful year that gave us a bitter taste of reality. Taking note of the lessons we learned, here are 10 ways to practice intentional living, keep a grateful spirit, and live with clear eyes in the new year.
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best tips for being healthy on a road trip van life

The Best Tips for Living Healthy On the Road

December 12, 2020

Not surprisingly, the tips and tricks for living healthy on the road are close to, if not exactly the same, as those for living a healthy life in general. Get a fresh and real perspective on how to live healthy on the road from Wildway Content Creator and full-time van-lifer, Amanda!
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how to eat healthy and van life

How to Eat Healthy While On the Road

December 01, 2020

My name is Amanda and I am a full-time van-living gal. Read along to learn how I eat a wholesome and nutritious diet with just a propane stove and mini fridge; all while living and traveling in my tiny home!
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