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"What does it mean to get back to the wild? Simple, to get back to the wild is to get back to nature. A place free from distractions, comparisons, rules, and societal norms that rule over your every decision. "

"As human beings, we naturally seek and gravitate to comfort and consistency. The thing about change is that it offers neither comfort nor consistency."

"Ask yourself, how can I better come to terms with this reality I am in? What steps can I take, changes can I make, to accept this reality and find peace?"

"It's truly a wonderful feeling to simply show up. No expectations. No hopes. You show up and ride whatever wave comes your way."

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top travel destinations and where should you travel next?

Top Travel Destinations for Every Adventure

September 28, 2020

Some many places to see, so little time. With the endless option of adventure destinations, it can be overwhelming to decide where it is you want to go next. Why not let us choose for you?

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the best outdoor and adventure books

The Best Outdoor and Adventure Books

September 28, 2020

By reading another's tales of adventure and overcoming, we too can inspire our minds to accomplish exactly that. Read along for our list of top adventure and outdoor books that will either have you on the edge of your seat, or give you peace of mind. 
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why road trips are better than flights

The Benefits of Road Trips Over Flights

September 28, 2020

The freedom of the open road is like no other. Time spent on the road whether it be for hours or days, by sun or moon, in favorable or unfavorable conditions, teaches us patience and understanding. For many more reasons road trips are better than catching plane flights, read along from the perspective of a full-time van lifer herself!
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