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"What does it mean to get back to the wild? Simple, to get back to the wild is to get back to nature. A place free from distractions, comparisons, rules, and societal norms that rule over your every decision. "

"As human beings, we naturally seek and gravitate to comfort and consistency. The thing about change is that it offers neither comfort nor consistency."

"Ask yourself, how can I better come to terms with this reality I am in? What steps can I take, changes can I make, to accept this reality and find peace?"

"It's truly a wonderful feeling to simply show up. No expectations. No hopes. You show up and ride whatever wave comes your way."

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the best hikes in Texas

The 20 Best Summertime Texas Hikes

June 01, 2021

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ways to save the environment

7 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Impact On the Environment

April 21, 2021

The steps to becoming more environmentally conscious and sustainable require a certain mindfulness and recognition that can take time to adapt to and develop! Each small change makes a difference and here 7 you can start practicing now.

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how to increase diversity outdoors

Celebrating Black History Month In the Wild

February 01, 2021

February is Black History Month and what better way to celebrate the BIPOC community than by sharing thought provoking and inspiring articles, films, and accounts of people taking up space outdoors doing what they love!
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