July 08, 2020 2 min read

This year is “crazy.” It is. But, this “craziness” is important and going to change the world. 
This year, we have faced, and are currently still navigating, a global pandemic and one of the largest civil rights movements our world has ever seen. These situations have brought out the good, the bad, and the ugly within our society. They have made many question if they're doing enough and consider thoughts, that before, had a blind eye turned towards them. 
Not one person desires the difficult circumstances we are facing, but we are here, and it is now time that we flourish where we are planted. 
Whether as a lively activist, a concerned parent, an overworked medical team member, or the thousands of other roles we have taken on to get by in the last few months, it is up to us to decide how we react and the ways we choose to pour good back into the world. It's up to us to flourish and make the most of our circumstances by creating positive, lasting change. 
We can do this by educating ourselves on the global landscape of our world. It’s vital to be aware of what is going on around us. Of course, not everyone shares the same experiences, but our eyes, ears, and hearts must be open to learning. With that, we must also be respectful and meet others where they are, with understanding minds. We did not get here overnight and aren’t going to get out of here overnight. 
We must also take time to acknowledge those who have suffered. In the U.S. alone, we have had more Coronavirus cases and deaths than anywhere else in the world. We, in the U.S., also rank highest in police brutality towards the black community. These are not just statistics. Real people make up these numbers, people who have families and friends who are mourning. It is not up to us to tell people to move on. It is not our job to continue to argue with those crying out for help. It is up to us to understand that people are hurting and that this hurt is going to be a catalyst for the “new normal” we will relentlessly pursue. Because if one thing is true, freedom is not freedom when it falls short.
To truly flourish is to adapt to your environment. It is to roll with the punches, float with the ebb and flow of life, and create a beautiful existence with what you are given, exactly where you are supposed to be.

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