July 07, 2020 2 min read

We like to think we’re open to change, “go with the flow” types of people. We think this, until we’re faced with circumstances that make us realize otherwise. As human beings, we naturally seek and gravitate to comfort and consistency.

The thing about change is that it offers neither comfort nor consistency. It jumps out in front of our path and scares us; we didn’t see it coming, couldn’t prepare for it, and had no plan as to how it would impact our comfortable lives. 

At this stage you are currently in, there’s no doubt you’ve experienced change. Good or bad, happy or sad, in your favor or not; change is no stranger to any of us. Think back upon your life in times of change. Remember instances of change in which a new leaf was turned, the beginning of a new chapter was unfurling, a door was closed, a mountain unseen suddenly blocked your path. Now, recognize where you are today. In this present moment, you have air in your lungs and thoughts in your mind. In the turning moments of your story, decisions were made that led you to where you are today. We have all experienced moments of change in which we never thought we would live through. Change can be hard, but still, you are here. We are all outcomes of decisions inspired by change. 
It is essential to practice open mindedness as we walk through life; an open mindedness to the things we can see: people, cultures, circumstances; and to those we cannot. Change can happen at any pace and does not always demand the same amount of attention. Sometimes, we may not even recognize change happening until its period has passed us.

An air of open mindedness with mindfulness has come to be our favorite way to approach all transitions in life. 

It is because we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel that we must approach the tunnel with open arms. It is because we cannot control our futures that we must approach each day with open palms, allowing space for opportunities and lessons to be placed and removed. This is what it looks like to invite change with open arms. Moments in time when you tell yourself things could not get any better or worse; how could you possibly know how the dice of life will fall? Whether you choose to admit it or not, some of the best moments in life are those we could have never imagined for ourselves, those we could never have forced to come to fruition through planning and scheduling. 

Open your arms. Open your palms. Let the dice of life fall as they will, and accept the seasons of change as they come and go.

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