October 02, 2019 3 min read

Its no secret that we are big fans of plant-based eating here at Wildway. It’s why all of our low sugar breakfast and snack foods are also made with 100% real, plant-based ingredients. No fillers, not ever. In fact, numerous studies back up our claim that eating more plant-based foods is a must for better health. One study showed that eating a more plant-based diet was associated with reduced body weight and lower incidence of certain chronic diseases.

Other studies have linked a more plant-based vegan or vegetarian diet to a reduced risk of mortality, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and lower amounts of abdominal fat.

Not all plant-based and vegan foods are the same though. Refined white flour and refined sugars of course are vegan and vegetarian friendly (and technically plant-based), but are practically void of nutrients. There’s a reason why white flour, white bread, and many traditional cereals have to be fortified with nutrients—they don’t contain much to begin with. Your best bet is to stick with foods that provide nutrition from, as we like to call it, 100% real-food ingredients. Here are 6 quick and easy vegan snacks anyone can make to get more plants in your diet.


  1. Mango Coconut Energy Bites

Whole-30 and Vegan Mango Coconut Bites

 The perfect vegan snack for someone on the go, these mango coconut energy bites are full of healthy fats from unsweetened coconut, nuts, and seeds, protein from hemp seeds, and a touch of sweetness from dried fruit. No added sugars or sweeteners are all in these tasty treats. Recipe here.


  1. Cashew Hummus

quick healthy snack recipe - Cashew Hummus

Photo Credit: Alex Snodgrass

The perfect compliment to carrots, celery, and sliced cucumbers, this cashew hummus is creamy, nutty, and delicious. Full of healthy fats from using cashews instead of chickpeas, this is a great alternative for those looking to spice up their hummus game. It also makes the perfect base to add other spices and flavors to so you’ll never get bored. Recipe here.


  1. Brussel Sprout Chips

vegan snack ideas - brussels sprout chips

Photo Credit: Michelle Tam

These salty and crunchy vegan snack chips are so good you will forget that you are actually eating brussels sprouts! Super quick and super easy to prepare with just a handful of ingredients. The best part is that these are truly customizable by just changing up the spices. Its vegan snacking at its best. Recipe here.


  1. Spinach & Artichoke Avocado Dip

vegan dips - spinach artichoke avocado dip

Photo Credit: Alex Snodgrass

Spinach and artichoke dip meets guacamole?!? Yes, please. This tasty combo combines to of our all time favorite dips in to one for and it works so well. The perfect snack for home or away, the addition of the avocado loads this twist on a classic up with tons of healthy fats to keep you full and satisfied throughout the day. Recipe here.


  1. Seasoned Fries

vegan paleo fries

Crispy, crunchy, salty, and oh so delicious, these vegan and paleo fries scratch that itch for salty, crunchy goodness without all the guilt. Pair with your favorite dipping sauce for the prefect snack any time of the day. Recipe here.


  1. Pizza Kale Chips

plant based snack recipe - pizza kale chips

Photo Credit: Jennifer Skog

Another way to satisfy that craving for salty and crunchy foods while getting a powerhouse of nutrition in a vegan snack like these vegetable like kale. These vegan chips make the perfect snack for anytime of day and are perfectly seasoned. Recipe here. 

Adding more plant-base nutrient dense foods to your diet has plenty of health benefits and should be a priority for anyone looking for maximum energy to fuel their daily adventures. Check out our new fruit and nut snack mixes, made with just a few, simple plant-based ingredients. With delicious flavors like salted chocolate truffle and pineapple mojito, we make real-food nutrition easy to take wherever life might take you. Shop here to grab a sample pack of our grab-and-go fruit and nut snack mixes for you next adventure!

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